Usb key package

The case of your memeories

The USB key package is a modern and alternative solution to the traditional wedding album, but at the same time it is one of the most cherished by married couples who are looking for an easy and original case. The USB key package is a modern wedding box.

USB key package

We deliver your photos in USB Key package with a selection of the best pictures. I have chosen wooden boxes, that are elegant and natural.

The high definition images are delivered in Jpeg format and ready to print.

I process every picture with careful elaboration of every single shot. In fact I realized the photo editing (colors, saturation, contrast and exposure rendering).
You’ll also receive an additional selection of images, that are my vision of the wedding day, which have been artistically retouched, including black and white shots according to my personal style.

You can see my work on my Galleries.

wedding service

800 / 1200 high resolution digital images (files)  for a wedding day
For the photography services as engagements, elopements, family portraits, events and birthday parties I deliver about 200-300 images.

The Usb key package is included in each photography service as engagement, family portrait, elopement or wedding,
Other solution of my photographic services are the wedding album printed or Fine Art paper and Fine art wedding Box.

wedding usb key packagewedding usb key packagewedding usb key package